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SmartPropo - Version 0.01 Nov 22, 2001
Copyright (C) 2001 Tsutomu Seki
All rights reserved.  Made in Japan
Download SmartPropo
It goes to the developer's homepage.

Table of contents
1. Description
2. Disclaimer
3. Distribution Package
4. Installation
5. Further Works
6. Bug reports, suggestions
1. Description
SmartPropo is software to use your R/C transmitter as a joystick controller in the PC connecting them with an audio cable.
SmartPropo get the PCM or PPM signal from your transmitter and hook it at Windows Multimedia API then send it to FMS
It works on the PCs that Windows 2000 or Windows XP has been installed.
2. Disclaimer
1)This software is a freeware, but it is not a PDS (Public Domain Software)
2)You do not charge any money for it to sell this software or make any other commercial profit with SmartPropo
3) The author does not warrant, guarantee, or take any representations regarding the use, or the results of use, of the software or written materials in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, correctness or otherwise.
4) The author does not have any responsibility on the version up of this software in the future too.
5)  The author does not refuse to get a monetary contribution but he has no responsibility for it.
3. Distribution package
These files are included in the downloaded folder.
1)FutabaPCM\winmm.dll (driver for Futaba PCM1024)
2)FutabaPPM\winmm.dll (driver for Futaba PPM)
3) JrPCM\winmm.dll   (driver for JR SPCM)
4) JrPCM\winmm.dll   (driver for JR PPM)
5)ReadME.txt            (Japanese document)
6)Src\*                       (source file)
1) You need a cable that connects transmitter and PC
JR transmitter
The author tested a monaural mini plug type cable with build-in resistor. 
(Victor product: CN-122A)
Futaba transmitter
You need some soldering work.

2)Check the signal from the transmitter.

You can test it by using sound-recorder and others.
A little bit low level volume signals are acceptable but too high-level signals are not good.
Pay an attention not to get an overload.
You can arrange the volume level by the mic input volume control of Windows.
Change the mic input volume lower when you do not get along well with the work.
It is reported that it will go better to plug into a Line-in terminal than into a mic terminal of PC in case of using a resistor build-in cable (10k ohm).
3)Drop the driver into FMS folder
Select your TX type winmm.dll and drop it into the folder that you installed FMS.exe
4) Mapping / Calibration
Boot FMS and go to the function menu, open Controller panel.
Select Joystick and click Mapping/Calibration button.
Move the TX sticks several times with full range,
If the signal is good there will be response on the Calibration panel.
(If you have no sign, get back to step2 and retry the same work)
Click Next button.
Put the sticks in the center position and click Finish button.
Check the calibration indicator will work following the TX stick action.
5) Now, the installation is finished.
5. Further Works
SmartPropo does not have the error check function.
6. Bug reports, suggestions
Let the author know if you find bugs on SmartPropo and your suggestion will be welcome.

It is reported that it will go better to plug into a Line-in terminal than
into a mic terminal of PC.
And another report says that after reinstall of Windows the trouble was
fixed and Smartprop would work.

One of the Windows XP users reported that when he dropped winmm.dll
into FMS folder he couldn't start FMS.
He said there is something wrong with the combination with
[SoundBlasterLive!] or something else. Maybe it comes from the driver.