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RC airplane experiment studio
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Mr.63yearsOld's planes
.Here is the newest planes which can do a torque roll!
(The par files which evolved most)    2.6MB

Video of the freestyle

FMS_Demo1.wmv   4.7MB

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Modeling for FMS with Metasequoia
*Create the new scenery
How to make scenery
ParDesigner & GeoEX

ParDesigner is an editor for the par file and the mdl file
[For Beta7]

GeoEX  x file >>>geo file convert
ParEditor & ParConverter

ParEditor is an editor for the par file
[For Alpha8]

Beta7 par file >>>Alpha8par file convert

SmartPropo is software to use your R/C transmitter as a joystick controller in the PC 
connecting them with an audio cable. 
SmartPropo get the PCM or PPM signal from 
your transmitter and hook it at Windows Multimedia API then send it to FMS 
It works on the PCs that Windows 2000 or Windows XP has been installed. 
This is wonderful freeware which Japanese Mr.Tsutomu Seki created! 


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